September 04, 2017Claudia

Had quite the 6 months there! Wonder what happened to everyone!

August 23, 2017Caroline Hampton


I’m just “stopping by" because I was looking around your site and I found this great page with lots of awesome ideas for getting out and exploring nature:

I’ve got a lot of articles on hand that are on that subject, so I thought I’d pass them on to you in case you’d like to add more information to that page. Here’s what I’ve got!

50 Ways to Get Kids Hooked on the Outdoors

Lifelong Birders: Introducing Your Kids to Bird Watching in Your Backyard

Hiking Tips for Beginners: Ultimate Guide for Your First Trip

Camping Solo: A How-To Guide & Checklist for Camping Alone

A Guide for Exploring Outer Space from Your Backyard

Guide to Volunteering Outdoors in Parks and Wilderness Areas

Sober Outdoor Adventures for You and Your Pet: Where to Go, What to Do, and How to Stay Safe

50 Tips for Taking Fitness Outside



Caroline Hampton |

If you’d prefer I didn’t contact you again, please send me an email to let me know. Thank you for your time!

May 20, 2017Heidi

Stayed in Taylor's camp for two weeks all those years ago when I was 18 or 19. I want to revisit Kauai and loved that side of the island but can't remember where it is.....the beaches and parks were beautiful and I remember one beach a mile or so away that had little green crystals in the sand and I brought some home in a jar. any idea which beach that could be? I would love to revisit.

May 20, 2017Heidi

There was an article on Taylor's camp in a surfer magazine within a year or so after I stayed there. I remember treasuring that magazine which my sister ended up throwing away and it made me sad. At the time I was there, we were all invited to a "huge" luau party at John Taylor's home down the way. Most everyone from the Island were invited. Those two weeks will never be forgotten. Can you tell me the closest beaches or parks so I can revisit. Can't believe I can't remember.

February 23, 2017Emma-14

Is there any place like this now? Would definitely love to live somewhere like Taylor Camp.

July 25, 2016Vickie Votaw

I just got to watch my copy of your beautiful movie! Thank you for making it . The love shines through, it brought back such wonderful memories of that time in our history. Thanks for the little note, too.

June 06, 2016Taylor Camp

I would love to own this website. My name is Taylor Camp and i love Kauai. Thank you

May 16, 2016Ixtiand

Aloha :)

May 15, 2016miguel

after having read and seen things about this place, I feel sad, deeply sad because it was a place and a lovely project. We should create more places like this, because humanity needs to have that option, to go and live in peace when someone want or need. not enough to remember because all you get is to see it as an unattainable memory. now we have the only option is to survive or die slowly in a world alien to us.
We must, at least with friends. we must remember that this option exists and that people are masters of our lives and respomsables of our peace and happiness
I fervently hope that this ancient town resurface elsewhere with the same smiles and hopes that there had

February 25, 2016Andre Luiz Boldrin Cardoso

Good Morning !
brasilerio am , I live alternative community , how do I localizer one?
I'm a lawyer , I have 37 years , I drop everything and live in an alternative community , you guys can help me ?

February 17, 2016Pierce Kavanagh

Please submit the film to the San Diego Surf Film Festival. I've watch the movie and it is amazing.
Our festival runs from May 18-28th this year in beautiful La Jolla, CA.

January 22, 2016Jenn

Hi there!
Where can I find your film for purchase in Kauai?
My father lived there for two years, and I would love to see it!

January 03, 2016Autumn

I want to be free, England is oppressed, I cant travel without a plastic card in my city i cant walk around with no shirt on as it is indecent exposure. cant swim in the natural water sources as they are privatly owned, I feel owned, None of us have a lot of time left and i would like to know if i could spend the rest of mine living free.

Do you still live free?

November 30, 2015Charlie McPherson

Just wanted to congratulate the producers for producing such a wonderful documentary. Having been a 60's hippie needing a time out like the Taylor Campers, I can totally relate although I took my time out in the Canadian Boreal Forest (1976). I went in for spiritual, emotional and physical reasons, being a drug addict and all. I had a vicous case pschorisis up and down my arms and legs, in my scalp, in my chest etc., ate the edible wild (greens and berries) and came out 3 months later cleansed - and they say there's no cure. I think my auto immune system got rectified in the bush and stopped over producing the extra skin cells. I got over the addictions and went on to work in street missions to not only maintian my recovery but to help others as well. I met my wife while doing that, she being in recovery for reasons of her own. In a way, the street mission was a bit of a Taylor Camp time out for us too although we weren't doing drugs and dancing around on beaches naked, helping us to touch and process the inward parts of our being, the things that drove us into addictions and recovery, helping us to grow to where we would no longer need that kind of support, where we could re-integrate into society and stand on our own two feet.

I've told hundreds of people about Taylor Camp, encouraging them to have their time outs,
that recovery and reintegration is possible.

And now here I am

August 27, 2015jane finstrom

we are having conversations in California about inttentional community and for homework, I gave your video that I bought from Bobo at the Surf Shop to our group leader. My husband and I have been married for 25 years and Taylor Camp is our favorite book, we display it proudly in our home. My niece is 9 and she gets a thrill out of looking at the nude pictures...same way I felt about the National Geographic when I was young! Thanks for telling this story.

August 09, 2015Pat Davis

Lover of Kauai and interested in all that went on there during that time. Been to that valley many times.

July 31, 2015vivtor gottman

My heart achs, for the old days, what a good time , bad time, may Peace be with you, and may the Flow ,take you to your dreams, viclove

July 29, 2015bruce gabow

I lived in Taylor Camp in 1972. I was saddened to hear Maya say that Claire (her mother) had died. We were friends. I wonder if you know what became of Alpin and Minka, Bobo's kids. They used to play with me in my burnt out car/home in the open field near the camper shell. I'd take them up to the wet caves to swim and play around.

July 21, 2015Avroula

Hallo brothers and sisters!
My name is Avroula. I leave in a village in Greece.
Is that true? Are you really there?


July 03, 2015Artie (at the free store) Altman

I landed at camp Nov '70 - stayed with Hugh Davis for awhile - went to Kalalau with Mike Mantell (kalalau Mike) took honey from beehives all winter. Built the upstairs rooms at free store with friend Squirrel.

June 14, 2015Heather Smith

Hi there, I was wondering if those who lived at Taylor Camp remember a Gerry (Geraldine) Jastremski or Gary Blomquist coming through it. They are my parents and I was born on Oahu in '77, I know for a fact my mom spent time at a "hippie nudist commune" (her words) on Kauai before I was born and it would be cool to track down some old history. Thanks for your response!

June 13, 2015Howard Lee Kilby

Mahalo for the movie. It brought back a lot of memories especially hearing Keola Beamer.

June 11, 2015Art Altman

looking at comments, I see a few people I remember, notably bob sweetman. hope to reconnect with other tc alums soon.

June 02, 2015Lise Schnyder Peterson

I used to live in Hanapepe "haole alley"....My friend Donna and I were the "Rainbow Island" airbrush tee shirt ladies...we used to go to Taylor Camp and hang out.

May 20, 2015Eddy Kubala

My brother jsut ordered me a copy of the documentary for my birthday. I sat down and watched it last night. Thank you so much for bringing Taylor Camp to the worlds attention. I would love to see a volume 2 in the future. Maybe get to hear the journey of several family members after Taylor Camp. I would also love to see a Facebook page where we could communicate with the people from Taylor Camp. I really enjoyed the film and thank you again.

March 22, 2015Tony Carozza

I received my copy of Taylor Camp yesterday and just finished watching it. Even though I was born in January of 1970 I am very much into the 60s. The music the movement the free thinking ways and lifestyle. I can only imagine the peace and the experience that was found by the people that lived at Taylor Camp. I spent 9 days camping on different beaches on Kauai in 1990 with an old girlfriend of mine. What an experience that was. Not to be compared to the Camp but I got just a taste of that paradise. We hiked and swam and had the greatest time. I appreciate the look into the camp you gave me the photos of the people and the camp were great. Thank you. Someday I hope to make it back out there. Please add me to the mailing list.

March 19, 2015Lance Bolt

Hello John,
Lance here from Vancouver Island. We met a couple years back on my quest to find "Taylor Camp" and we met briefly at the screening of your BHUTAN documentary in Honolulu.
I am working on the opening of great Cafe called Darwin's in an amazing community on Vancouver Island called Tofino. It too is a place "at the end of the road" of wild and majestic beauty. (As a professional natural photographer I believe you find endless subject matters.) The community also has a strong interest in sustainability and preservation of nature.
One topic of local interest, is alternative community living and building structures in natural settings. The Taylor Camp tree houses and community organization recently came up in a conversation I was having with the organizer of the upcoming Tofino Film Festival and suggested we play your Taylor Camp film with the theme of alternative community living. Your film continues to be very special to me which I re-watch periodicly and relate the story to others frequently.
Please let me know what arrangements you would like to see in place for us to screen the film to a group of about 50 people at Darwin's Cafe, probably toward the end of April. If you possibly could be available for skype connection at the end of the screening, I think that would be pretty amazing.
Trust you are well and look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,

February 23, 2015Tyron Duncan

Hello! More than anything, I just wanted to join your mailing list. But while i'm here, i intend on starting my own comminity on a piece of land. Any advice or major tips you can pass on so I can avoid certain headaches you had to deal with in the learning process? Thanks!

January 09, 2015Linda Lou

I first found out about Taylors camp from the movie Five Summer Stories. In 1977 I went to Kaui. Some people were still there. Trying to stay. Most of the places were abandoned. I met some of the folks liveing there. I met others around the Island, they were trying to find homes. We watched sadly as the Authorities were burning the beach homes. The Island was beatiful. I lived on Kauai for a Year. When I was there, a few people got murdered. The local Hawaiians mostly did not like the young surfers coming to the island. I met a old hawaiian man of 89, I was 19. eyes wide open. He took us to his hut, and smoked the best pot with us and he was kind. I would also go to the Hari Krishna gatherings to eat. Its was fun, but a time of trouble for families were trying to find homes., many had Children.

December 25, 2014Dylan

Hi i would love to live or stay at a place like Taylor camp. Can you invite me there or do you know another utopia I could join?



September 06, 2014robert preston

hi, i'm the brother to a Taylor Camp alumni Rick Preston. Any hope of a second alumni gathering? Rick is well as a moutain man crazy!

August 28, 2014Jeff Reguett

In March or April of 73 myself and 3 buddies ventured to Kauai from Alabama. We had heard of Taylor camp after arriving on Oahu. After a brief visit to Taylor we continued to the end of the road and made the trek over the mountain to Hanakapaia Valley where we built a camp and stayed around 5 weeks. Unbelievable memories.

March 06, 2014rusty miller

I lived in mr. Allerton's cabin just 100 metres from the camp .. i have a photo of a guy in the camp which i would like identified if possible.
please advise who I could send it to who might help me find out.
best thoughts

rusty miller, coorabell nsw australi

January 04, 2014DonnaCmpbell

My old boyfriend Jim Hailey lived at Taylor Camp in the 70' s. His nickname was Space. Are there any pictures or do you emember him?

December 29, 2013judi(blue)holt -saha

i lived in taylors camp for a year or so,on three separate this day,i have a recording of the waves, that i have to play at night,,or i cant sleep! finding out there was a site an everything that was on the internet about the camp blew my mind! i am new to computers and the internet, and im so ga to have found a place on it that has my old home .mahalo,mahalo! judi bue holt-saha

October 21, 2013judi 'blue' saha

i lived in taylors camp two or three times durig th 70s and miss my life there trmedously! please send me a list of the material or what you have pertaining to the camp or hanalei. thank you very uh.judi"blue" saha.

October 07, 2013Phoebe Markley

Lived in Taylor Camp.

July 19, 2013Dan Edg

In 1970 I left LA for Hawai with a draft lotto number of 67 whch meant I was going to get drafted despite my efforts at getting a conscientious objector classification. It was my intent to hide out on the Big Island in a commune I had heard about. I camped with a friend for two months on the N. Shore of Oahu.In Sept. 1970 we went to Kaui not knowing anything about Taylors Camp. We stayed there for severa weeks. could not believe how welll the tree houses were made. People there were still friendy and
accomodatng. They took us to the caves for swimming and mostly welcomed us. I remember one night being asked by an attractive woman there to walk her home to her Treehouse. She shared that she had almost been raped by three local teenage boys that were essentially stalking her. Sure enough I could see them hiding in the shadows of the jungle. Although I was only there for about one month the place had a profoun effect on me. Peace and Love

June 11, 2013terry ewasiuk

My name is Terrruy Ewasiuk and I stayed at Tylor Camp for two times in the summer of 1972 and 1973. I was friends with Diane Streigle and her boyfrined Terry at the time. I have a seriies of photographs that eventually I would like to send you because of how deeply the experience affected me. Some o the picture diplayed here are the same that i have. I walked the Kalalau trail into the valley ane experienced some pretty strange things. I saw a green orb pass by me at meteoric speed. I met John Calgna and his friend that played the french horn for me. I also taught TM meditation to Diane and she later invited me to her family home in Topanga Canyon. Her family was very kind and accomodating to me. It seemed like a very unique and warm place. I was a young nudist and at no time felt compromised for the choice of my chasttity. My choices were always respected. However there were others who I felt were somehow compromised and controlled by other more insistent men. Those women were never taught the secret about men and their abounding sexual desires, absorbing intelligence and energy from their power and souls. I hiked naked through Kalalau and met up with Hawaiians who just plainly looked at me and I gave them that powerful eye that said you touch me and you are dead. At that time i just wanted tp be in in nature in the most incredible place on the planet, They let me pass with no adieu. I think they repected my athleticism and vigour. Let the girl go. She's okay. We will protect her. My friend Karen Louie was behind me and we slunk on the beach tired from the hike. Then alll of a sudden there was a drop of people on the beach and there must have been about 15 couples spalyed all over the beach fucking their brains out. They came from boats. My friend Karen looked at each other thinking how are we going to get through this . We covered our heads and just hope it would end. It was very disarming. We met a woman that had a very elongated clitoris that she openly displayed to us. Being virgins we were quite mortified and hoped that we could never end up this way. Good luck to you and your eternal orgasm but it certainly is not for me After all this happened we climbed up into the valley and were visited by a wild boar that had Karen so scared that she jumped into my lap.We were only protected by our liittle orange tent and I said to her do not worry we are not going to be killed by a wild boat tonight. He will go away, And so it did. But in the morning we were met with a jungle man who had decided to give up his ways and live in a garden of plenty of really clean water and I do not who he was but he was very nice to us and had a few kind words. According to him he had been living in the valley eating mangoes and avocadoes. I think he was on a major dose of acid or something like it. Whatever he was kind to us. Whatever this person was doing seemed way oaky to me. He was an explorer. He lived in Kalalau. He was alone but had no trouble with us being visitors in his so called space. We left him alone and just enjoyed ourselves in the sunshine and beauty of a wonderful place and all those creeps that got dropped off for your sex orgy what a display of ignorance and disrespect. May you all have a final fnatastic orgasm with fucking the universe. I will be looking with my eyes and not with my penis or vagina.

June 10, 2013Donaven AKA Talon

i'm Comming to the island july 10th landing in lihue and this looks like it could be exactly what i'm lookin for i do consider my self a hippie and i'm comiin to the island with just backpack i'm sure if you open to vistors my our paths will cross i would tove find a good commune of awesome like minded people

June 04, 2013Sally Swanson

I had never 'lived' at Taylor Camp ,however I had the privilage to know some of the Best People from there ,from that era ..Cat K. ,Pat L, Andy L. , Marie , and a host of others I had the pleasure to be a Part of the FAMILY on the Big island of Hawaii... MAHALO for Your Friendships....

May 19, 2013laura Matthews

Lived in camp when Amen eas born.I only have two photos of that time. Anyone know where is Dan May?

May 15, 2013Laura Matthews

I lived in camp with Ricky. We shared a house with Ben Cathy baby Josh Don May and Catpinter john

March 26, 2013Harry Nash

yes I was a resident of Kauai who visited Taylor Camp almost every other weekend to see friends and enjoy the life and the surrounding beauty, I visioned it as the Garden Of Eden or if there was a such thing it would be here, no crime, no stress, no drama just peace and tranquility, good people, and great Ganja !

March 18, 2013Sean


My name is Sean and I lived in Taylor Camp for about a year as a child with my Mom Peggy, her boyfriend Tony Vincent & my brother Robert. One of my brothers (Jeremiah Vincent) was concieved at Taylor Camp.

I have very found memories of my time at Taylor Tree Camp, wish I could have been there longer. Glad you made this movie & website! I would love to see the film! Is there a way to see it?

Thank You

March 07, 2013Katharine Blank

My brother Steven lived at Taylor Camp for a few weeks in the Summer of 1972. He was friends with John James. Steven died there in a diving accident on 30 Aug 1972. He was 21 years old. Taylor Camp was close to heaven on earth for him, though no place is without it's challenges! I would love to hear from anyone who might remember him from his brief but profound time there and photos would be specially appreciated. Mahalo

February 17, 2013john l. turnbull

Whoooa! Just watched the film. Where do i get a copy?

January 11, 2013carbery

I was on the Island in spring of 1972, visited and stayed at Taylor Camp many times with my puppy Cinnamon, while there developed my love for eating spoonfuls of peanut butter right out of the jar, it was time that holds a special place in my heart- wanna see the movie, get the book and wonder about many of the people I met way back then. carbery

January 08, 2013teri mccomb

I was there w/Webb,Carol Ford and John Becker. I know you interviewed them and hope to see the film.

Did you ever get the Lihue Newspaper that had all of us on the front page? If you did is there any way I could get a copy? I was the one in front, dog ears (hair style) and the embroidered peasant shirt, LOL.

Thanks! Teri

November 28, 2012Channing Sargent

Hello. I am a niece of Francois Boschard. I have searched for years for information about the treehouse camp where he lived in Hawaii. Is he mentioned and/or featured in the documentary? Is it possible for me to purchase a copy anywhere? My mother, Diana Boshard, lost her younger brother too early. She has often spoken to me of his time in Hawaii and has continuously searched for a National Geographic issue in which he was featured, but we have never found it. I would be thrilled if I could give this documentary to her. Having found this website, and seeing the comments in the guestbook about my uncle's art has made my heart leap from my chest. Thank you. - Channing Sargent

November 19, 2012Ash Hudak

This place seems like a dream, is there any place like this still around?

November 15, 2012Polly Fitzgerald

I lived on Kauai from 1969 to 1976, saw the Taylor camp and all it's glory! Was good friends with Howard Taylot and Mara Taylor at Tunnels beach. I saw the movie at the SLO film Festival and saw alot of the people i knew on Kauai. Can you purchase the movie?

October 27, 2012nancy (little) stengel aka-muffet

Dang--how unreal is this! I guess that I have been "out to lunch." Sure did not realise that our llives and loves would be memorialized . Does this mean that we "sold-out"? Hope not--still walkin' the walk and talkin' the talk. BITCHIN". We came over from the penninsula. Randy, Ralphie,Goofy, Q,Tommy, Tony and me. All had unemployment checks sent over. Worked at the Plantatiion - surfed by day waited tables at night. I remember Sunshine--did great macrame! Let's not forget Kahili Mt. Park and Koloa.

September 24, 2012Carol Milligan (golde )

I lived in Taylor Camp in the summer of 1970,,,,when the houses were all in the trees. I was there when Ching Young gave us the pvc pipe to build a flush toilet and sink out by the garden. Jane and Buddy invited me there to live in their tree. Jane and I took the 1949 turquoise Ford into Lihue to get the safety inspection....amazingly, we got a permit to drive in daylight hours, Buddy went on to break his neck after diving off the Hanalei pier at low tide..and became a quadraplegic. There was a man there, Don Curley, and I wondered if anyone has heard from him....I use to visit Buddy in Leahi Hospital when I lived on Oahu...but have not seen him in years...does anyone know an email for him?......or Don Curley?........I am called Golde now. Mahalo.......

June 14, 2012Scott

I live in Honolulu and I was watching snipits of your movie when... I realized I had a Francois Boschard painting on the wall! Thanks for making me appriciate it all the more!

June 01, 2012Sunny Sallee

I just found out about this site. I was born at taylor camp on June 26 1970. My moms name is Marry Elain Sallee. I have no info as to how long she lived there but I am trying to find out about my past. Is there any records or info from that time period or maybe ( please please ) about my mom or what ever. As soon as I can aford it I am going to buy the book.

Thank You

Thank You

April 29, 2012Rex Noah

1971 hey sunflower I knew your mom and you your first to talk, so sorry about sunshine

April 21, 2012Natasha

I stay in the camp for a little over 3 weeks with a boyfriend, Chris Reynolds. He arrived first then I came after 2 months in Katmandu, Nepal. It was either late 1970 or 1971. Cannot remember for sure what year. I kept wondering what ever became of those of us that stayed or lived in the camp. They called me the Lipstick Lady.

April 11, 2012Gerry Reilly

I lived on Kauai with my sister - we were know as the sisters from New Jersey. I saw some names that I remember and would love to be in contact with some old friends. Susan McLean you lived with my sister, Kathy, in a (taro) shack in the little valley right by the Hanalei river. Please get in touch with me.

February 16, 2012jeremy t

I lived in Taylor Camp for 6 months as a kid in 1973 until we moved to Valley House. My parents were Nick and Marcia. Dad lived there from 1969 until we left. These photos are like a time capsule...and I remember being there like it was yesterday. Went back to the beach park a few years ago, at least the natural beauty remains. I was just thinking of the Spaulding sisters, Cathy and Barbara, my friend Flash the runaway surfer many. I just ordered the DVD and look forward to a trip back in time. My parents saw the movie and said it was great.

January 30, 2012Eric Shield

Spent March and April 1970 in Taylor Camp visiting friends Gail R, Patti D and Jim (Jamie) S.
Great memories - beach, lagoon, wet and dry caves, 11 mile hike to "the beach with no footprints", walking to the Post Office.

December 26, 2011susan mclean

I lived in the canadian house with pat and maggie. would love to go to next taylor camp reunion...please send my in touch info to reunion coordinator.... not much of a keep in toucher...met so many super wonderful people there that I will always love....lee sutter, bobo, maryanne mendito, denise and johnny, luigi and barb, dylan and barbara, fran and david, pat and andy, gary whitecotton, dale altman, laurel, maggie, marie, name just some....i'll be here on gorgeous cape cod for all my days....but look forward to visiting, and would love to hear from ya'll..... :)

December 23, 2011John McNeely

I lived in Taylor Camp from Winter of '75 to Fall of '77, had the treehouse at the furthest point East in the camp, had a 2 Bedroom, Living Room, Artist studio where I airbrushed artwork back then, and a Kitchen dwelling, all open air from waist high and up (screened), and about 30 yards to the stream. We kept our area clean and orderly, not hodge-podge like some pictures depict. It was a beautiful place, but a lot of drugs, mostly pot & hash, were floating around, making a habitat that wasn't conducive to high moral standards to say the least. Most were into Hinduism or Buddhism, not really understanding what that meant, it was just different from whatever was perceived as the "norm" of society, from which everyone was rebelling against at the time.

November 10, 2011terry zankiewicz

just came across this site !! i'll get the book & dvd..... was there feb 1974 stayed with "space"

August 12, 2011Dave Krovetz

I recently spent too short of a time on Kauai, all of it on the north shore close to Taylor Camp. I was fortunate enough to meet a few folks who were intimately connected to those times and the camp itself. Dreams like these die hard, mine included, and even proximity to Taylor Camp 34 years distant proved to be incredibly powerful and moving to me. Aloha, Dave

August 12, 2011Laura Dodge

Hi ... Great job compiling these photos and contacts. I was there with my boyfriend from 1973-early 1975. Bobo, Hawk, Minka, Alpen, Rosie, Morinka, Sky, Doe, Billy, Fish ... those are some of the names I remember. Oh, and Goatie, Ferdinand, Yellow Dog, Annie Mae and Bladk Bettie. Hope you'll 'friend me' on Facebook!

August 11, 2011Elizabeth Jebef

I recently returned to Kauai to visit family on island and discovered your stunning book of images at the Talk Story Book Store in Hanapepe.

John Werheim's photographs documenting Taylor Camp call to mind the work of Larry Towell and Bruce Weber - photographers I mooned over when I worked in the archives of Magnum Photos in New York City. The way Mr. Werheim has distilled time and place in his series reaffirms my love of the medium and my love of Kauai.

Please let me know when prints will be available for purchase.

Elizabeth Jebef

August 09, 2011Peter Jandula-Hudson

I have watched your movie recently.My friend brought it for me to see it. Great job! Fantastic photos, amazing footage, great story telling and awesome soundtrack! I am interested in buying a copy. Would you kiindly direct me to the site where I can purchase a copy for myself?

July 06, 2011Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

Having lived on Maui for 25 years and now Thailand for 10, I can so relate with your priceless life styles, you must be overflowing with inner-wealth, health and happiness.

Leaving only examples, smiles and footprints behind.
With Aloha
Gerry aka KOTO

June 21, 2011Poetry Man

Do you allow visitors? Short-term residents, like me who wants hole up for 3 months and write a book? Ot long-term? A hui hou..

May 19, 2011greg

is the commune still happening? ... if not, do you know where there is one operating?


May 01, 2011Arthur "Art at the free store" Altman

would like to find out what's going on with other alumni. I was at the camp beginning in Nov. 1970 - finally left in '73. Spent much time in kalalau & hiking the na pali trail.

March 26, 2011Aleeya

I was born here in 76
My mom was Irene she had long blonde hair and my dad was Michael he was thin with long black hair and he cooked. His sisters my Aunts came to visit Linda, Nelly and Jan. When you guys talk about the free lovin you may be referring to them. Love to hear about it. If you had a fling with Irene in 75-76 would love to hear about it you might be my daddy. LOL I could only hope. If you know my parents hit me up and I'll update you. Dad's back in Hawaii big Island.
Peace and Pakalolo however you spell it forever.

anybody remember

March 19, 2011FATJACK

I lived near there from 1970 to 1990. Knew a lot of the peeps there. Made my first real estate sale to Diane Daniels "Strnicle" sp. in a tree house there.
GOOD old days were good.

March 05, 2011Joe Webb

I lived in Taylor Camp for a short time back in the early seventies.
Lived with Darcel/BOBO the bodysurfer! I have some good story
from those days.I was only sixteen at the time.

March 01, 2011susan mclean

I lived in the Canadian house with Pat and Maggie.....aloha to just a few minutes away from lots of gorgeous beaches on cape favorite place on earth....

February 13, 2011Ken Bowers

Great friends Harold and Dan from Florida lived in Taylor camp a bit and still talk about it every chance. Both are still surfing,Carpenters,Gardners and story tellars . I love these dudes to death! Thanks

February 07, 2011Andy Lillestol

Holy Smoke what a mindblower ! I would love to see the film as well find out what some of the people that I met in Taylor Camp are doing these days.

January 24, 2011James Parrotta

I visited the camp April 1970. I checked out the facebook site and I never knew so many people came in contact with the camp. Too bad we did't have internet or cell phones with cameras in those days we could have recorded the history of that time even better. Paradise Found.

January 11, 2011Silver McDonald


My mom Michelle (Wheatberry) lived in Taylor Camp. She passed away in 1987 and I'd love to know if you have any pictures of her or my dad. My dad's name was Brian and he went by Forest from what I recall. He passed away in 1975 so any pics of him would be pretty amazing as well.

Thanks so much,

Silver (mom called me Sunflower back in the Taylor Camp days and I have a brother, Amen)

December 24, 2010Barb Vidal

I was wondering what happened to John James?
His older brother was my brother in law for many many years and I was sadden to see that John had passed in your credits on the movie. I loved watching the movie at a friend's house tonight, especially after the stories and experiences that my sister, John's brother Mike and John would tell me about their live on Kauai. The friends I was watching the movie with are locals of Kauai and told me their perspective of the whole affair.
Quite an evening.

November 13, 2010Sarah

Hi, I stumbled on Taylor Camp after seeing a couple pictures of it on someone's blog and then googling it because I just wrote a story for my Creative Writing class about a free love/naked tree house commune on an island (except in the pacific Northwest, based on my visit to a Tree House youth hostel on Salt Sring Island in British Columbia) and I was amazed that one actually existed! Anyway, my friends and I really want to watch the documentary and were wondering how we could see it! Thanks,


October 15, 2010Gerry Hampton

Hi, I lived in Taylor camp for only 10 weeks in 1971 mainly to surf. I now teach college full time and mentioned to my stuldents I used to live in a tree house which they didn't believe until they found this sight for me. I'd like to buy the movie but the sight doesn't accept my payment in anyway I've tried?? Is there any other way I can order the DVD ? I did find the book on Amazon, do you know why some are used at $120 & new editions are $60?

Gerry Hampton
Laguna Niguel, Ca

September 24, 2010Steve

I am looking for a member who if not a member of T.C. was certinly known. His name was Mike, I, believe his last name was Parks. His "nickname", was , "dirtbag Mike". I feel something horrible may of happened to him. I lived in that area for many years and always kept to myself. That's just the way I am,but, Mike was one if not my only friend. I do know why T.C. came to and end. I would with all sincerity like to speak with someone about this situation. I currently live in Laguna Hills, Ca.. My cell is 949-505-3891. I first came there about a year or two before Club Med was torn down, and I use to do things like walking the Kalalau Valley and back at night for the thrill. No, I'm not afraid of much, except for what may of happened to Mike.

September 07, 2010Karen Devor

I was there at that time but I was a valley person, one who lived back in the Na pali Coast. There were three communities of hippies at that time..Taylor Camp, Valley House and the Valley people. Thanks for the memories! I can recognize people by their old photos. (And to the New Yorker with the Hanalei Liquor T-shirt, forget his name now..ask him if he remembers his idea for the "Bush" calendar! I was supposed to be Miss April! *big grin*
Again, thanks for the memories!!!

July 30, 2010Edith (Gustafson) Fowler

I would like to see more photos and contacts of people that were living in Taylors Camp from late 1970 through 1973. We lived there. I have lost contact with all and would somehow like to revisit. Those years were incrediable and shaped my life, my beliefs, and outlook in general.

July 30, 2010paul

a friend here in colorado loaned me the dvd and it was a joy to watch ~ loved the setting and stories! is there a soundtrack available or could you email me a list of the tracks/artists on the dvd so i can look for some of the music?


July 30, 2010tom spilsbury

i live at taylor camp 6-1970 to 10-1970 ,with two other guy's from los gatos , ca. elwood markham, gene shelton, roger de camp told us we couldd live in the tree's , we did

July 09, 2010Susan

I recently visited Ha'ena after nearly 40 years away. I lived at Taylor Camp for about a year in a tent, was offered a room in a tree house but turned it down. I read a report on Ha'ena's website (via "archaological" evidence about the camp). They said we were dependent on cars and stores. Not true for me. I ate wild fruit, vegetables, and some fish. I had a bicycle that I rode to Hanalei post office for mail. I did not have a car and rarely rode in one. My experience at the camp was all good. I lived alone but had friends and was safe at all times. I saw no druggies or troubled individuals. This was much different than my experiences with locals when I stayed in town for awhile. I look forward to seeing the film when I have a chance.

July 08, 2010Scott

When & where will there be a screening on the Big Island?

July 02, 2010Suzanne

A bunch of us really want to see your film. When/where will you be showing it next on Oahu?

June 10, 2010Steve Stevens

I lived in Hanakapi’ai Valley in 1974 and 75 and hung out in Taylor Camp frequently. Alot of my friends there are still living in Hawaii and I'd love to see the video you did. How will I get a copy? Can I download it online, or do I order it? I look forward to hearing from you. Steve

June 07, 2010Ron Wright


Grew up in Waimea. Knew slightly of the Camp but the West side is so much different than Hanalei.

Are you going to have another showing on Maui. (Saw the commercial on DVR after the event so maybe next time?)

Thanks, Ron

June 06, 2010Catherine Gaill Joslyn

Loved the DVD Taylor Camp Kauai. We live here now in the autumn of our lives,
and have 8 children we'd like to share this with when they come to visit. It is a beautiful DVD...and it was a beautiful life in many ways.
How can I order two DVD's.???
I cannot put it out of my mind, and our freinds who brought the DVD to show us, have gone back to Oahu where they live. Gail J.

June 03, 2010Michelle Steuermann

I just watched the screening at the MACC and have to say it way surpassed my expectations. You did a surperb job and captured the very essence of the time. Oh, to be young and free again~

Aloha, Michelle Steuermann

May 16, 2010Rick Horn

I would love to see your film. I remember Taylor Camp when I hiked the Kalalau trail in 1976. I remember seeing the tree houses and wondering who lived in such a beautiful spot. When I eventually walked onto Kalalau Beach, the first person I ran into was a naked girl named "Bobo." In the next few days she told me about her tree house in Taylor Camp and her life there when she wasn't living up in Kalalau Valley. Please let me know if you plan any more screenings in California...I'll be there! Whenever you plan to release your film on DVD, I'll buy it. Mahalo...Rick Horn

May 04, 2010Mark Valluzzi

It's too bad we didn't know you were making this film and photos. My sister Laura , my brother Bruce, and myself lived in Taylor Camp for years from the begining. We could have offered a lot of insight and coutless photographs of the very early days.

April 30, 2010Jim Broome

This is awesome. The memories this brings back after so many years... I would love to see the film. I'm guessing it doesn't get much play far from the Islands. Great work on keeping the idea alive.

April 26, 2010Zoran Vidanovic


April 12, 2010Linda Laone

I was living on the North Shore at Taylots camp time. Spent alot of time at Taylors the tree houses were amazing and the time was even more amazing. I would occasionally rescue a friend or two who would get dysentary take them home with me down the road and fill them full of herbal remedies and the next day they would be all well to return to the camp. One night while at Taylor's some local boys came down the path rampaging . we all kina hid out. they finially gave up and left. Some of my fondest memories in life are from the beach., shareing in the feast made from the camps folks and just being a part of an incredible seeming fairy tale time. How different times are now. Hooray for Talors camp!!!

April 05, 2010Richie Walker

Remember it all like it was....40 years ago. Yikes! John, a few lady friend\'s at the time and I, lived in a great place on Anini Beach for a spell. Then I moved downtown near the Greenwich Village of Kauai, Taylor Camp.

I still remember some of the Taylor ladies nursing their young in front of me as I performed on weekends at The Anchorage in \'72. Illuminating times.

All the best to my dear friend John and those who created this fun film.

April 04, 2010Phil

Looking for a way out of all this nonsense for my family and myself. Can you help?

March 31, 2010tommy cullinen

I was there collecting and making puka shell necklaces at
the camp ground next door, and hung out at Taylor Camp
in early 1975, lived on the beach for a month, Haena, it was
cool, but getting to be a little untrustworthy, in the camp,
I have pictures. a few , thanks for making the film,
still have some nice Puka's and paper shells,
I became involved in a punk?cutting edge theatrical pop band,
(sweet tommy band/ My space music) tommy...
San Francisco based, Mahalo

March 09, 2010Alexis Boilini

Want to link you to my web site. Marjories Kauai Inn is one of the oldest Inn/Bed and Breakfasts on Kauai and I would love the book for our coffee table and the DVD for guest viewing. This is important history that brings up so many memories in all of us that experienced college protests from Berkely to Arizona State Univ. Friends sent involuntarily to a senseless war, triggered a revolutionary spirit that instilled in us to "question authority" . Mahalo for documenting it in this way.

March 07, 2010peter dewey

I was there from 69-74 I lived close to the camp and went everyday..... this is so cool... I was just a kid 7 to 12 years old.

March 03, 2010Jackie (Sayers) Kelly

I did not live at Taylor camp but I believe that I hold the distinction of being the only single woman to live in Kalalau through out the winter season. This was the winter 0f 72-73 So many of the names in your guest book were there in Kalalau. I noticed my son Collin (who was not close to being a twinkle at that time) has already written. I remember the first time I saw his dad - Peter- It was sunset on the beach and he was sauntering down the shoreline with flowers in his hair, golden tresses all the way down his back, the most beautiful naked man I have ever seen...ah youth! I lived in the dry cave on the beach bluff. Many many of Taylor camp hiked in for a never ending New Years eve party at my cave being the only large enough area that was dry. I was really surprised when so many people I didn't know showed up in such a remote spot but that was the way it was and of course everyone was welcomed with everything I had to offer. That was also the way it was.

March 01, 2010Edgel

Aloha, I stayed at Francois Boshard' (quite a famous batik Artst) treehouse in Taylor camp, 1971 before and after the Diamond Head Crater Festival. A naked hippie Surfer living in Paradise. Wow what memories
Fantastic with all the luxuries either gas or battery powered. Beautiful People . Thank you for the time trip!

February 25, 2010Danny Wassman

Hey John
Just got done watching the DVD, great job, thanks for all the effort, we enjoyed it so much. What a good time it was.
Thank You Again

February 21, 2010Stacey Bander

I lived across the road from Taylor Camp in a cave under a mountain called Buddah Mountain. I was living there when the place was closed down. Stacey Bander

February 17, 2010Kevin Lynch

Howzit? I lived at Taylor for six months in 1972 with Linda Forcier. We stayed in a pup tent for the first month on the beach until the woman who kept her hair in a butch cut (Claire?) let us have her treehouse on the edge of the Camp by the stream, she moved in with someone else. There was a stone fireplace/oven that I used for baking bread. I remember one day one of the surfers who lived there was so inscenced with the vegan types he cooked a big steak really rare and walked around eating it with his bare hands in front of everyone. Then there were the evenings on the beach when one of the guys played harmonica and the dogs of the Camp would sit around him and howl to the music. I could go on and on. I'd love to hear from others who were there.

February 14, 2010El Kauwe

I stayed there in 1970 with my friend Michele Flynn for 5 days
It rained the whole time. I was too shy to strip naked and bathe with
everyone under the waterfall near the wet and dry cave at Haena,
Everyone was either naked or stoned, I slept in one of the treehouses overlooking the center of the camp- and I remember that it rained and rained. We hiked up to the cucumber farm near Haena River and that person's house was muddy and almost under water.

February 06, 2010Phoebe Markley

I was a resident of Taylor Camp from October of 1975 until it closed in 1977. I know the place and a lot of the people, but have been out of touch for the past 30+ years. But, ooooohhhhh, the memories.

February 06, 2010dave robert

enjoyed your film last night, you mentioned trying to expose
your film. Suggest you contact the Port Townsend Wa
film festival which takes place in september ? I
feel you might fit in regards

February 01, 2010emily wilson

I live in San Diego. One of my friend's fathers lived at Taylor Camp.

How can I see the film?

February 01, 2010ray araujo

my father richard araujo the cave man and i lived in taylors camp in 1972 and in the cave across the road in budda montain. i pls contact

January 29, 2010Troy Thies

thats my kind of living. totally awesome!!! i love it

January 23, 2010Barbra Boiser

is the book still available? where can i buy the movie?
i just heard about it last night for the first time!
i was there!

barbra boiser
bainbridge island, wa.

January 22, 2010Norma

I don't know if you could call it going back into time. WOW!
I live in WA and a customer had approached me and asked if I was from Hawaii. I said yes I am from Kauai. She had mentioned to me about Taylor Camp Documentary. I was shocked because I remember when I was 5 , my parents had moved from Kauai to Honolulu, Every year we had visited my grandmother in Hanalei.
When I was 17, my cousins on Kauai to my sister and I to check out Taylor camp. He said the hippies lived there. We were curious and went into the camp, but was not bothered by the residence that lived there. I took pictures of the living quarters and I took a picture of a young boy riding a horse. I believed he told me he was Mr. Taylor's son.

After I had spoke to the customer at the store. She wanted to see the pictures I took
so I went digging into my pictures and I found them. It is old and slightly lightened up but I will treasure it even more. My grandmother use to live up the power house in Hanalei just above the camp. She use to get upset with Taylor Camp...........
Thank you for listening to my story......I will see it when I have a chance...... think they made a film going back into time for me...
Aloha Norma

January 12, 2010Max Marcus

Hi John!
Doubt if you remember but we met first in '82 shortly after Iwa. I worked then on Mike Strongs farm, went on to drive boats on the Na Pali and somehow ended up here in Sweden as an aerial photographer...! Anyway I knew a fair share of these Taylor Campers and would love to buy one of your books. Also -- is the film available on DVD? If so, let me know how much you want for the whole package, including shipping.

Max Marcus

January 10, 2010Chris Elwell

It's pretty wild to know my mom grew up at Taylor Camp and my grand Father was the camp Doctor. Great Work!


January 08, 2010Dana

I am wondering when and where I can see the movie? Thanks,
PS I live in San Francisco but I am on island a couple of times a year. Next visit in Feb. Thanks

January 02, 2010Anne Gordon

I thought maybe i dreamed TC or maybe too many shrooms...thanks for making it real again for me.
how can i buy/see the movie
im getting scabies and giardia just thinking about it :-)
i gotta see this! i already have the book

December 29, 2009Robert Sweetman

I lived in the treehouse furtherest in front with Bobo and daughter Joy Blossom right behind me. I am the one who built the hot shower for everyone. My friends Bill and Lisa Godshall were one of the first inhabitants in early 1970's. I lived there from November 1971 until the fall of 1972.

December 28, 2009Denise

I was living in Taylor Camp in 1970 - I have pictures

December 15, 2009Collin Kelly

Hello. My name is Collin Kelly, son of Peter Kelly, who was running with Waterbed Ed, David Kouroca, Guitar Steve and a bunch of other people in Kalalau back in the day. I've been hearing stories of Taylor Camp and the Valley since I've been old enough to listen; it's where my parents met. My dad was unable to make the screening, living in Seattle now-a-days, but it would make his holiday if i could get him a DVD copy. I'm just wondering if that'd be possible.

November 13, 2009Rob Preston

My brother rick lived in Taylor Camp, and received the invite to the reunion but couldn't make it . He wasn't able to send any of the pictures he has of Taylor camp but if you could use any still , I can somehow get them to you.

November 13, 2009Debbie Frazier

When will I be able to see the film in the Seattle area?

November 09, 2009Dana (Violet Moon)

I lived there in Taylors camp in 1971 for awahile
so so happy to see the days of friends and the places I was running around naked eating brown rice and hitching intop town for our grains and vegies

It was the best timesin my life

November 04, 2009Nancy

I am the girl who "ran a way" to Taylor's when I was 14. I am attempting to put together some pieces of my life together and would grately appreciate if you would be helpful. Taylor's literally saved my life and soul. I am and will always be grateful for my safe experience at Taylor's.

Aloha, Mahalo and O'Hana


November 02, 2009Daniel Williams

I wrote The Naked Truth About Drugs, which was endorsed by my friend Albert Hofmann (and Sasha Shulgin). Now I host an online talk show, The Opium Den, advocating the repeal of drug prohibition. I am creating an Interviews library, and would like to include anyone connected with Taylor Camp. I'd like for my listeners to know how things were at that time, and what lessons can be learned.

If this interests you, please let me know.

All the best~

Daniel Williams